Relevant Investigations, Inc.
Relevant Investigations, Inc.

Social Media Profiling:

Relevant Investigations offers social media investigations and monitoring on individuals, companies, and organizations.


We can help you win cases, uncover fraud, make better investment decisions, and hire better people.  We do this by finding and analyzing public internet information.  Our customers are provided a wealth of publicly available intelligence found on social media sites, the visible web, the deep web, and the archived web.


Automated Search:                                                                                                   

Our search will automatically collect link matches to biographic search terms, which are entered across social networks, blogs, news sites, commercial search engines, and archived web sites.  The results will be prioritized based upon unique terms of interest which are most critical to you. 


Target sites for automatic data collection:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Meetup, Yelp, Ning, Orkut, Tagged, Tumblr, Vine, CraigsList, Tagboard, Flickr, VK, Hi5, FourSquare, Reddit, Glassdoor, Boardreader, Technorati, Bankruptreport, CorporationWiki, UVRX, GramFeed, Topsy, ZoomInfo, InstantOFAC, OKCupid, Chemistry, Tinder, Bing Search.


Targeted Search:                                                                                                               

In addition to the Automated Search, we will review automated results to find your subject from among others with the same name, remove false positives from automatic search results, and review automated results to discover additional information for a secondary search, i.e. online user names, aliases, and additional locations.


A secondary search with results from the analyzed Automated Search will be run on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Google Search, and Bing Search.


Investigative Search:                                                                                              

In addition to the Automated Search and Targeted Search, the Investigative Search will report associates and other contact information, if available.  Searches will be conducted on the Deep Web and the Archived Web in order to report court records, property records, company ownership, wills, deeds, mortgages, domain information, and professional licenses.  This search can be customized based upon your written instructions.


 If Used For Employment Purposes Requestor Must Certify Compliance With FCRA and FTC Regulations



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