Relevant Investigations, Inc.
Relevant Investigations, Inc.

About Us

Relevant Investigations, Inc. is owned and operated by Mr. Christopher Francescon, a licensed private investigator, and honorably retired law enforcement supervisor after 29 years.  


Mr. Francescon has received extensive training in investigative techniques, including accident investigation; protection of public officials; terrorism awareness; self defense and survival; evidence and crime scene reconstruction; and advanced interrogation and body language.


Mr. Francescon maintains membership in a number of fraternal and professional organizations.  He continues to enhance his abilities and skills by attending present-day classes significant to his work. 


"We are a client-focused company that will conduct investigations with integrity and address the specific requests of our clients.  Our reports will be clear, concise, and thorough, and will include applicable supporting evidence."


Our Network of Investigators can be reached by phone or email.

Phone:  (951) 326-0918




Relevant Investigations, Inc.

P.O. Box 890641

Temecula, CA 92589-0641


(951) 326-0918



State of California License:  PI 28534

City of Temecula License:  040555

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